The magnificence of the antique Termassos, with its impressive view, covered by the mountains like a natural city wall is of peerless beauty.Villa Perla Termessos information

You reach the region, which is located on the northwest, 34 kilometers to Antalya following the main road by 9 km and while watching the scrubs view.

Termassos which differs from the other civilizations in means of its establishment, keeps the historical puzzles in itself. The authenticity of Termassos is because of its first settlers, the warrior tribe Psidions. The city was established in the Güllük Mountain with an antique name of Solym, above 1400 meters. So these people named themselves as ‘the Solyms’.

Homeros tells about the war among Solyms and Bellerophontesians, depending on ‘Ilyada’. If the War of Truva took place in 1200 (B.C) and saying that Homeros wrote it in 850, we may say that the warrior tribe of Termassos lived in 1000-1200 (B.C). The gate inscriptions mention the fights among the Amazons (the woman warriors) and the Solyms.

4446624 Kronos who eats the childrenVilla Perla Termessos information

Three fours and two sixs. What the God advise is this:

Stay at home and do not go anywhere else.

if not, the destructive animal and the vengeful Goddess will capture you.

I see, this is neither safe nor trusty

66661 25 The God of the Moon, spreading the light out.

Four sixs, the fifth one is one, means;

How do the wolves overcome the sheep; How do the strong lions overcome the horny oxesfi

You also will overcome everything, and by the kelp of Zeus Hermes, everything you wish will come true.

These are the writings that take place in the inscriptions; they are the predictions of the envelope fortune. They give us some clues about the social life of those times. In Termossos, moving from the city to the civilization was done by the Greek Civilization, which played the role of a catalisor. Termossos progressed by the mother Greek, child Rome civilizations’s constructions.