Patara (Lycia)


Patara, with its 18 kilometers long beach, was chosen the best beach of the world. Patara, after Dalyan, is the place Patara Antalya informationwhere Caretta Caretta turtles exist, furthermore, it is one of the important cities of the Lykia civilization. Having , on one side the romantic view of Kalkan, on the other side the splendour, wild view of Yediburun, Patara, is a holiday town in which you can have an adventure of riding a horse or have fun by doing sports.

The written history of Patara starts in the VI. And V centuries (A.D). Being surrendered, without giving fight, to İskender, the city was to be occupied by Antigonus (315 B.C) and Demeterious (304 B.C). The city passing under the control of the Egyptian Philadelphos, was controlled by the III.

Antiokhos by the year 190 (B.C). In those years the city was named as 'Capet Gentisi' meaning, the Capital of water.

The Emperor of Rome, Hadrian, had been to Patara with his wife Sabine and he choosed this place to spend his holiday.

The God of the Greeks, Apollon and Saint Nicholaus the Father Christmas were born in Patara. Being the center of Antalya Patara Beachprediction of Apollon and the Bishoppy center in the Early Christian' period, Patara did have a religious importance.

Like Olympos, Myra, Pınara, Ksanthos Patara is also a member of the Lytia Unique. The Theatre, The Great Assembly Building, the Cistern, Nekropolis, Akropol, The Corint Temple, The Mardana Tomb, The Church, The Kaya Tomb, The Mausoleum, The City Gate, The Public Bath etc. are the historical constructions of Patara.