Antalya Aspendos

"I tell you, The Argosians set off with their ships in order to bring death and scarcity to the people of Troya. And the powerful Kronosoglu arrived to give us help, sent the lightning from the right, showed us our faith. No one should think of returning to his homeland unless a Troyak sleeps with his wife in order to respond the pains and the groanings of Helen."

The Argos Clans who took part in the Truva War, immigrated to the Pamphlia region and established Aspendos in the first half of the fifth century (B.C). In the fifth century, they began to print silver sikkes in Aspendos and afterwards they named their sikkes as 'honourable and prideful', 'ally of the Romes'.

As Aspendos moved to city civilization they joined the Delos Unity (The Atina Navy Unity). During the sovereignity years of the Persians over Pamphlia the progress of Aspendos ended. Again in the times of lskender (B.C 333) it enjoyed its 'Renaissance' era. The Aspendos Theatre, which was built by Curtius Crispinus and Curtius Auspicatus brothers, in the second century (A.D), was dedicated to the gods of the country and to the Emperor's family and is one of the most famous antique theatres all around the world.

The Theatre was built by an architect called Zenon. This masterpiece is still welcoming the artistic performances with its acustic, its stage building and its orchestra.

Every summer, the Ankara State Opera performs ballet and musical performances and the activities taking Villa Perla Aspendos Room 2place within the Antalya Film Festival are staged in this Antique Theatre, reminding us thefests and ceremonies of the Antique Era.

The fruitful land of Aspendos and the river by this city, made it the center of trade and agriculture throughout the history. In the first century (A.D) the landlords holding this wealth in their hands attempted to force the public to consume less, to be able to export the goods produced within the region.

Apollonios, a travellor and a philosophist opposed the landlords saying: 'The land is the mother of all people. You are guilty of compelling it to perform its mothering duty just for yourselves. If you do not change your attitude, I am going to stop you to exploit it"

Today, Aspendos is a place where the traces of the Greek and Rome civilizations can be seen.